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The first 100 pre-orders were booked in the blink of an eye!

We have launched 100 Filippi life jackets as pre-orders at a special price. They were booked in very few days! But you can still pre-order the life jacket and row in total safety during your trainings or races. Now that the pre-orders are out of stock, the prduction of the life jackets has started.

Shipping update: both the first 100 pre-orders and all other orders ahead will be shipped starting from 10th July 2023.

Wear it and row in total safety

The life jacket developed by Filippi, together with an italian company specialized in rescue devices in the open sea, can be worn during your training sessions (but also on the lake or on the river) without absolutely hindering your rowing technique. Compared to the standards on the market, with real buoyancy at 150 N, it has been specially shortened by 5cm at the height of the sternum and adapted to the needs of coastal rowing and beyond. In fact, in addition to the size (45x26x5cm approximately) compatible with your technical gesture, it weighs only gr. 600 and can be manually activated (by pulling a special lever) which comes into action in a few seconds thanks to the presence of a GAS can, which can be replaced in case of use. The system is equipped with a quick release buckle closure in acetal resin with integrated adjustment. A breathable mesh has been placed at the neck and the jacket is equipped with a handle to aid during the recovery phases when rescue in water is required. Once inflated, however, it allows you to swim easily to reach a safe place or quickly get on a rescue vehicle. The Filippi life jacket also guarantees an optimal position in water and perfect balance. And the thrust is such as to rotate an unconscious person and tilt him, allowing him to keep the respiratory tract free from water intake. For those who go out especially on the open sea alone, the life jacket is ideal for a training session in perfect serenity with respect of the surrounding environment without the need for special maintenance.   Filippi life jacket technical sheet

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