Filippi Oarlock 3.0 (x2)

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Filippi oarlock 3.0 was designed by our engineering department for elite and club rowing and is made of a co-molded polymer (plastic + metal) equipped with fixing elements in stainless steel. The stiffness ensures direct transmission of the rower’s thrust to the boat. Additionally, the new oarlock is a perfect complement with the carbon Aliante rigger and even better together with the hilt, hilt holder, pin and washer made in carbon.  

200 pairs are available in pre-order! We reserved an Early Bird price for those who'll get the oarlock 3.0 first!

Here's how to get the early bird code. The production will start once the first 200 pairs will be sold. At the checkout you will be asked to enter your card details, but you won't be charged until the end of the pre-launch. If the 200-pairs goal will not be reached, anything will be charged from your card.

Three fundamental details give our new oarlock a unique value proposition in the rowing market:

No more pitch bushings
No more pitch bushings to fit to the oarlock: this is replaced by a knob on the lower part of the oarlock that can be rotated to get the desired pitch angle, with the advantage that you can do it out on the water or maybe even during your workout. A small plastic button placed immediately over the pitch knob prevents any movement after the set up.

No more plastic washers
The oarlock’s height can quickly be changed by a rotation of the plastic cylinder that contains the metallic pin while sitting in the boat. The oarlock height can then be increased up to 15 mm for sculling boats and 33mm for sweep.

Oar agnostic
The oarlock 3.0 fits perfectly to whichever oar sleeve you choose, thanks to plastic wedges of different thicknesses (from 1 to 3mm) that ensure more stability to the oar before the catch and after the finish of the stroke. This reduces the gap between the oar sleeve and the inner part of the oarlock.

Technical Benefits of New Oarlock

Height adjustment
Sometimes when you change the height of an oarlock or seat of a rower, the blade behavior at the catch and/or finish changes too. In fact, different rowing conditions demand different oarlock positions. In rough water, slightly increased height enables rowers to “clean” the finish of stroke. If you are testing new equipment (a new boat or new oars) little changes during the session and immediate comparison of feeling can improve your set up. If multiple rowers are using the same boat, adjusting only the height of the seat can change the boat balance. Our new oarlock allows a quick height set up to multiple users. In addition, a screw driver can be helpful in order to increase the resistance against the opening of the lock/unlock mechanism placed behind the cylinder.

Pitch adjustment
Old and worn sleeves on your scull/sweep oar can show different (unique) pitch angles. Our new oarlock helps to reset it when you are already in the boat. As for the height regulation, this feature comes to help also with new equipment or training sessions changes.
Gap Control
The additional plates make setting up the correct gap between the oarlock and oar shaft easier. They are fitted to the oarlock with two small stainless steel 316 screws. These wedges allow you to adjust the space according to the size and shape of the scull/sweep sleeves, which in turn favors the rower’s feeling. In fact different type of oars might have different sleeves shapes and diameters. A tighter gap prevents imprecise blade positioning, making your rowing technique more effective.


Can I mount the new oarlock 3.0 on my Filippi boat?

Yes, of course you can.
If you have a wing rigger or a sweep Aliante rigger configuration, there are no limitations no matter the mould or boat category.
If you have a scull Aliante rigger configuration, you must equip your riggers with the aluminium or carbon sweep hilt in order to mount the oarlocks 3.0.

Can I mount the oarlock 3.0 on a boat different than a Filippi?

Yes, you can. The new oarlock 3.0 fits on any boat both front wing and back wing riggers.

model: scull, sweep

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