Quick-Release for rowing shoes

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Add the Quick-Release to your boat equipment!

We developed an optional Quick-Release shoe-plate system that is matched with the Filippi carbon plate and Filippi MAS 20 shoe. And it can also easily be used in combination with other shoe/boat brands (as long as your plate has four fixing holes per shoe). The aluminium component is fixed into the upper section of the carbon plate using countersunk screws. The nylon component (polyamide 12) is equipped with a “tongue” and goes directly on the sole of the shoe. A simple movement of the hands -or of the foot if you hook it up to a boat- will be enough to slide the nylon plate from bottom to top, until the tooth under the tongue hooks (clips) and locks the end of the interface. The Quick-Release operation can be carried out manually whilst setting before going onto the water or directly in the boat. Hygiene is maximised as the sole user of the shoe. In owning the shoe, you can also improve durability; for example, by letting them dry properly at the end of each training session. A club purchasing multiple Quick-Release systems could even decide to fit a certain number of aluminium interfaces with the carbon plate of the footplate of their boats, allowing club users to purchase only the nylon interface. The Quick-Release goes on all Filippi footstretchers/plates versions. The Quick-Release can be used in combination with other shoe brands and boat manufacturers as long as your plate has four fixing holes per shoe.

side: both, left, right
components: aluminium & nylon plates, aluminium plate, nylon plate

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